Best Armor on Skyrim & where to find them

With a plethora of NPCs, magic, weaponry, and, of course, armours, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim has a lot to offer players. Along with standard armour sets that may be looted from in-game adversaries or crafted via Skyrim’s sophisticated smithing system, the game also includes legendary gear and Daedric relics with unique abilities. Skyrim has a thriving modding community that has kept the game alive for almost a decade.

These one-of-a-kind armour components range from cosmetic to enchanted, and each has its place. In the end, some of this one-of-a-kind gear will be better than others, and players should be aware of what they are and where they can be found to get the most out of Skyrim’s legendary loot.

Best Armor on Skyrim

5. The Helm of Yngol

Where to Find: Will get after fighting Yngol. 

Best Armor on Skyrim

This is one of the most potent helmets players can find in Skyrim, with an armour rating of 21. After defeating Yngol’s shade, the Helm of Yngol may be found in the throne room of Yngol’s Barrow. It also has a 30% frost resistance, which is quite impressive. Furthermore, the helmet has an extraordinary history, as it once belonged to Yngol.

Yngol was the son of Ysgramor, who long ago began a crusade to introduce humans to Skyrim and Tamriel. Yngol, on the other hand, never joined his father’s war since his ship was separated from the rest of the fleet and he and his crew were slain while crossing the Sea of Ghosts. Overall, it appears to be a poor choice.

4. The Nightingale Armor

Where to Find: Found in Thieves Guild Questline

Knightingale Armour

The Nightingales’ cunning and sinister armour can be obtained by completing the Thieves Guild’s main questline. This light armour set provides some of the best stat improvements in Skyrim while also looking cool and eerie. This skin-tight heist suit is ideal for any robbery.

However, this armour should only be earned once you’ve reached level 32, as that’s when the set’s enchantments get their full power. The group boosts stamina, reduces frost damage, muffles movement, improves lockpicking and one-handed talents, and lowers the cost of using illusion spells. These enchantments are beneficial to any player who intends to steal something.


3. Target of Blooded

Where to find: Found on the corpse of Umala in Alftand

Best Armor on Skyrim

Players will follow the storey of a group of adventurers who were ambushed and slowly slaughtered by Falmer in the Dwemer ruin of Alftand… mainly. The Dragonborn will run into the final two survivors, Umala and Sulla, fighting each other. Players will find a special shield on Umala after slaying them both.

Targe of the Blooded doesn’t have any particularly impressive stats, but it does feature a unique enchantment that causes shield bash to deal 3 bleeding each second for 5 seconds. While this may appear insignificant on its own, its damage passes through armour, blocking, and any other effect adversaries may have active, resulting in massive levels of impairment for many bashes draining health at once, and is quite effective at sending enemies to Sovngarde.


2. Visage of Mzund

Where to Find: Found on a table in Fahlbtharz

Visage of Mzund

This unique Dwarven Helm, found at the end of a long series of puzzle rooms in the Dwemer ruin of Fahlbtharz, has the most incredible base armour stat of any helmet in the game, at 24 points.

The helmet is also charmed to give the wearer 60 points of stamina and the ability Breath of Nchuak, a devastating steam assault that deals damage over time. This helmet is one of the best armour pieces in the game, with excellent defensive and offensive capabilities.


1. Konahrik

Where to Find: Found by combining every other Dragon Priest mask in the game at Labyrinthian

Best Armor on Skyrim

The Dragon Priest mask Konahrik is possibly the best helmet in Skyrim, with comparable base armour to the Visage of Mzund and a considerably more difficult acquisition quest. Players must fight every dragon priest and bring their masks to the leading site of the Bromjunaar Sanctuary in the ruins of Labyrinthian to earn this mask.

When using a great healing spell and using the flame cloak ability, the mask has the potential to heal the wearer. This ability is highly effective on its own, and when combined with the Dragonborn’s base armour, the Dragonborn becomes practically unkillable.

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