Best landing spots in Fortnite

best landing spots fortnite

The new Fortnite Chapter has already been unforgettable, as gamers got to enjoy an extraordinary season-ending event that enthralled players worldwide. Now, the map has seemingly flipped, and we have a broad assortment of POIs to explore into this season.
Some familiar faces are back this season, and as some leakers have reported on social media, it seems the beloved POI Tilted Towers is coming back once the snow melts away at some time throughout the season.
With such a significant map modification, players will need to spend time figuring out which spots are now optimal to start a match. To help, we’ve put up five of the best landing spots fortnite when you depart the Battle Bus in Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 1.

Best landing spots fortnite

1. The Daily Bugle

Daily Bugle

Of all the new best landing spots fortnite Chapter 3 map, The Daily Bugle is by far the most lucrative, with a whopping 45 Chests to be discovered. There are bouncy webs and ziplines aplenty to soften your fall once you reach the top, and it’s the most accessible place to find Spider-Man’s Web-Shooters.
The only true negative of this POI is that it’s trendy right now – mainly because of its ties to the omnipresent Marvel Cinematic Universe – so it’s a precarious spot to arrive. Get in, stock up on weapons and healing items, then make a hasty web-slinging getaway through one of the exits.

2. Town Away Beach

best landing spots fortnite

Just east of The Joneses, towards the water, is Tow-Away Beach. Here, you’ll find two mansions with a plentiful supply of loot. You’ll also find coolers around these houses, which contain health items, and they have a 100 per cent drop rate, which is good for best landing spots fortnite.

Then, make your way onto the beach itself, and you’ll uncover five possible chest spawns, all hidden under the sand. It’s improbable that all five will spawn in your match, but even if you stumble across two or three, it’s worth it. Make sure you farm brick and wood as you make your way around this area. Then, continue south and hit the dock area before making your way inward towards The Joneses. Use a nearby ATV to go around faster.

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3. Sleepy Sound

best landing spots fortnite

Residential places like Pleasant Park and Lazy Lake were among the most popular locations throughout Fortnite Chapter 2. Still, with the new map deleting them all, players will want to flock to Sleepy Sound, a waterside hamlet filled with rows of houses to steal in quick succession for best landing spots fortnite.

It’s also one of the most unusual spots on the Chapter 3 map, as you’ll have the best of both worlds when it comes to transport: Loads of automobiles and a gas station for land travel, and plenty of boats and vast waters for a swift ocean getaway when you need it most.

4. Butter Barn


The Butter Barn structure is located to the northwest of Chonker’s Speedway. This landing location helps stock up on health, shields, and peppers. It’s also a good source of wood, so make sure to demolish anything in your path as you collect resources.
The Pancake NPC, which sells various products and offers challenges that reward you with Epic weaponry, is another fantastic feature of this building. Slurp Barrels, metal, and even more food items can be found in the basement for best landing spots fortnite. Then, go across the street to the petrol station to farm more resources and Slurp Barrels, which offer you shields and health. After you’ve completed looting, you can use a neighbouring car or ATV to enter the zone.

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5. Pawntoon

best landing spots fortnite

The Pawntoon, often known as the ‘Loot Boat,’ is one of the most intriguing Fortnite monuments to return in Chapter 3. This mysterious boat, which resembles a miniature pirate ship, holds Supply Chests containing a plethora of high-tier weaponry and healing consumables, making it an excellent (and peaceful) site to begin a match.

What’s the catch for best landing spots fortnite? It’s constantly on the move, so the chances of locating it are small. The only accurate advice we can give is that the loot boat never appears on the Island’s lakes or rivers, so your best bet is to land along the coast and hope to notice it in the distance.

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