Deathloop: How to Equip Trinkets

In Deathloop, equip Trinkets are very valuable artefacts that allow players to enhance their weapons and characters in a number of ways. While fans will find a variety of Trinkets just by exploring Blackreef Island’s districts and killing foes, the method in which these things are employed may not be immediately clear.

Fortunately, equipping Trinkets in Deathloop is simple, and this tutorial will walk you through the procedure step by step.


Deathloop Equip Trinkets

Trinkets are equipped directly from the Loadout menu, which players may access via the tunnel between missions. When picking the next district for Deathloop’s protagonist, gamers will see a “Loadout” option on the left side of their screens, and clicking it will take fans to a menu where they may change their gear.

Players must choose whether to deathloop equip a Character Trinket or a Weapon Trinket when they reach this option, as they are not handled in the same way. A Character Trinket is fitted in Deathloop by selecting one of the four diamonds that appear to the left of Colt’s equipment and picking it.

Deathpool Equip Trinkets

Weapon Trinkets are activated by hovering over the weapon of interest and pressing the input that appears next to “Trinkets.” After that, players should click on a Trinket slot and choose the required item to improve the weapon’s accuracy, reduce the time it takes to reload, and more.

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To be clear, both Character and Weapon Trinkets function like the rest of the game’s equipment and are lost at the end of the day. However, players may avoid this by infusing a Trinket with Residuum in Deathloop, which can be done through the Loadout menu as well. It takes a lot of Residuum to keep a Trinket, thus fans may want to save up their Residuum until they can get some high-rarity goods.


Deathloop equip Trinkets are available in Crude, Sleek, and Exemplar quality, to name a few qualities. The benefits given by Trinkets get more strong as the rarity rises, and these attributes are color-coded as grey, blue, and purple, accordingly.

As a result, when Exemplar Trinkets are worn, they can give extremely significant advantages, and Deathloop players should strongly consider using Residuum to bring them into following loops.

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