Destiny 2: How to Get Null Composure

Destiny 2 Null Composer

Destiny 2 Null Composer: Fusion Rifles have had their accuracy damage boosted by 15% and their ammunition reserves increased by 20% in Destiny 2: Season of the Splicer. Their range has also been extended, giving players an extra two metres before the damage decreases. Naturally, in order to promote the improved statistics, Destiny 2 Null Composer is a new Fusion Rifle in Destiny 2’s Seasons Rituals Weapon.

Despite the fact that this Fusion Rifle has only been available for a short time, its worth in both PvP and PvE positions it at the top of its type of weapon. It takes some time to get this weapon, but it is well worth the effort. Obtaining this weapon also completes the weekly Serenity of the Void challenge.

Destiny 2 Null Composer

Destiny 2 Null Composer

The Destiny 2 Null Composer is a Legendary Fusion Rifle that can only be obtained by completing the Sacred Fusion quest. Guardians must defeat targets in any playlist action in order to accomplish the mission. Bonus progress may be achieved by killing opponents with Fusion Rifles, disintegrations, and Solar Damage in Crucible, Gamit, and Strikes, as well as beating adversaries equipped with the Stasis subclass. Null Composure will come with preset perks, as well as an extra perk in both the third and fourth slots, similar to how the Salvager’s Salvo came with several perks.

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Null Composer has a Fluted Barrel for stability and handling and a Projection Fuse for range, as well as a Heating Up or Feeding Frenzy option and a Reservoir Burst or High Impact Reserve option. The weapon also features a Rapid-Fire frame, which means it reloads significantly faster when the magazine is empty and has a larger ammunition reserve.

Null Composer

Regardless of playstyle, Feeding Frenzy and Reservoir Burst should be the perks equipped by each Guardian. Feeding Frenzy increases the weapon’s reload speed with each quick kill, while Reservoir Burst increases the weapon’s damage output when the battery is low and causes opponents to explode when killed. The benefits are well-balanced and compliment one another.

Destiny 2 Null Composer weapon ornaments may be obtained through additional missions, similar to the Ritual Weapon in Destiny 2: Season of the Chosen. To receive their individual missions, players need talk with Zavala, Shaxx, and The Drifter. Each quest has its own set of criteria that must be fulfilled in order to receive the rewards. Players will get one of three distinct weapon ornaments as a reward for completing each of these tasks.

Use this guide to get Destiny 2 Null Composer, until then happy gaming.

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