Fable 3: 7 Easy Ways to Make Money

Fable 3 make money

With a potential Fable game on the verge, which will fortunately remain as humorous as the previous three games, now is the ideal moment to revisit Fable 3 make money, the series’ often-overlooked entry. The third installment may not have received as much critical praise as Fable 2 or been as in-depth as Fable 1, but it has a particular place in the hearts of its fans.

It contains perhaps the finest first half of any game in the main series, and the second half lets you to truly become the Queen or King of Albion, making decisions that have a significant impact on the game’s physical geography.Read 7 easy ways for fable 3 make money below.

Fable 3 Make Money

7 Ways to Fable 3 Make Money

1. Purchase Shop Properties

When buying property, you’ll quickly learn that putting stores and pubs first is critical. These structures do not need to be maintained since their condition never deteriorates, which is ideal if you can’t be bothered to maintain your housing properties because you will still be able to make rent money.

However, because they are all much more expensive than homes, purchasing the stalls available in most areas across the game world is a decent place to start. You’ll also be able to obtain discounts on any of the products they offer if you prioritize stores and booths.


2. Enter the Sunset House in Demons Door

The Fable series’ Demon Doors are a weird lot. Some will only let you in if you approach them while wearing a bad outfit, while others will reject you admission if you aren’t completely nice or wicked.

One such demon door can only be entered if you are the Queen or King of Albion, and therefore can only be unlocked in the game’s second half, when you have betrayed your brother and taken his crown.

However, once inside, you’ll uncover a chest holding one million gold coins. Just to say thank you for being a tyrant ruler, it’s a good sum of money. This is the one of the easy fable 3 make money.

fable 3 money making


3. Play game more as Possible

On the one hand, the passive income system in Fable 3 offers a good chunk of gold as you engage in the main narrative and side missions, allowing you to spend more time really playing the game rather than imitating property management. In contrast to Fable 2, which allows you to earn money even while you aren’t playing, you only receive this money when playing the game.

Gone are the days in Fable 2 when you could quit the game for weeks at a time and return to an avalanche of riches. If you wish to get a similar effect in Fable 3, you’ll need to leave your Xbox or PC on, allowing the rent money to flow through in real time. However, it isn’t all awful; you could definitely go outside while you wait.

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4. The BlackSmith Job

For those of us who have played the prior fable games, jobs are a familiar and welcome addition. They streamlined the job system and reduced the amount of tasks you may do, like they did with most things in fable 3 make money. The Hero now has only three options for earning money. They are as follows:

Pie Making


Lute Hero

The blacksmith job is by far the finest option to generate money fast and simply out of the three that are still accessible. It generates somewhat less money on the gold multiplier bonus than the others, but it just takes two presses to complete the minigame. You get the most money out of this job, be sure to improve it on the Road to Rule.

 Blacksmith Job


5. Purchase more & more properties

It’s desirable and important to have consistent revenue every five minutes to obtain the greatest conclusion, and owning all of Albion’s property is a fantastic place to start. You may start buying the cheapest dwellings in the Dweller camp – an early game area – by earning money by playing work minigames. This will provide you with a pleasant little side income while also allowing you to buy more costly properties as your revenue increases.

Following that, you should aim to buy every property you can afford and then rent them out to renters, making thousands of gold every five minutes while doing nothing. You will eventually acquire all of Albion’s available property and earn a fortune in rent.


6. Set Rent High for Purchased Property

Setting the rent to the highest amount feasible when purchasing property is one of the easiest methods to generate money rapidly. This implies you’ll get 200 percent of the regular gold you’d normally get. If you do this with a large quantity of property, you will earn considerably more than the property is worth, and your treasury will begin to overflow with gold. This is easy way for fable 3 make money.

Now, before you accept this piece of advise, you should be aware of the following:

Setting the rent to the greatest feasible level can soon make a lot of people dislike you.

However, if you possess a lot of property, you will be able to make a lot of money rapidly. This will have a severe impact on your morals, making you considerably more wicked than is feasible in regular play, therefore it should only be used when absolutely required for good-aligned characters.

Of course, you might argue that all of this wickedness is for the greater good, since Fable 3’s second half gets a lot darker, and you’ll need all of the money you can acquire to fight the Darkness before it swallows Albion.

Fable 3 Properties


7. Repair Properties

When your renters inform you that you need to fix their houses, it’s one of the most aggravating aspects of property management. The amount you make from renting a property is directly proportional to its condition; the worse the condition, the less you’ll earn.

Maintaining control over this and ensuring that your property is repaired on a regular basis will guarantee that you make the most money possible. Even a ruthless landlord must devote some time to home maintenance; people will no longer pay to dwell in filth.

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