Genshin Impact Amber

Genshin Impact Amber

Do you want to know how to make the greatest Amber build in Genshin Impact? Amber is often regarded as the least appealing party member in Genshin Impact, but being the second playable character you unlock in the game’s prologue questline, you’ll be playing as her for a while regardless of your feelings about her as a fighter. Furthermore, being one of only a few entirely free characters in the game, this Pyro Bow user is your best buddy if you want to keep your costs low in this free-to-play RPG sensation.

How to Obtain Genshin Impact Amber

Amber is a free character that you can use without rolling from the banners. However, if you want to receive her constellations, you’ll have to roll on the normal banner.



Amber finds it difficult to build a name for herself in warfare. She’s an excellent way to practise hitting weak points on adversaries with her Bow, and she can make good use of distant explosive barrels, as well as turn her puppet into a conveniently available bait bomb with enough duplicates from Wishes or maybe impending events.

However, due to her poor damage and scarcely discernible powers, she is not only the first character to join your team, but also the first to be benched. She’s needed to solve a few tasks, but that’s about the extent of her contribution to your team.


Weapons are the best Amber build

Amber is a bow user, and the Skyward Harp is unquestionably the ideal bow for making the most of her abilities. Hits with this bow do more critical damage and have a higher probability of delivering AoE damage with each hit, which helps to compensate for Amber’s deficiencies in other areas of combat. Furthermore, Amber’s terrifying explosive puppet (a.k.a. “Baron Bunny”) is one of only two companion characters in the entire game who may activate the Skyward Harp for some special effects, indicating that this bow was clearly designed for Amber to utilise.

Genshin Impact Amber

Artifacts is the best Amber build

As a general rule, any Artifacts that improve Amber’s elemental powers must be equipped as soon as possible. Going all-in on the Wanderer’s Troupe set, on the other hand, is your best shot for the most valuable effects. Equipping two pieces increases her Elemental Mastery by a massive 80, while equipping four increases her bow strikes’ Charged Attack DMG by a huge (35 percent). There aren’t many sets that grant such a balanced boost to both weapon and elemental attacks at the same time, and this one is highly pertinent to Amber, so it’s worth chasing down all the pieces.


Amber’s best build: Talents

Amber’s ranged weapon assaults are more useful than her elemental offensives, so maximise her bowmanship by focusing on Sharpshooter and Fiery Rain. The latter allows you to have the best of both worlds, and there’s something really fulfilling about launching a barrage of flaming arrows at your foes from a (relatively) safe distance, so don’t overlook this potential component of Amber’s design.

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