How to heal a zombie villager in Minecraft

how to heal a zombie villager

Zombie villagers in Minecraft are mobs that deal damage to players in the same way as other zombies do. They can spawn naturally on the map, or normal villagers can be changed to them by being infected by zombies. If zombies locate you, you’re in big trouble; however, the good news is that the zombie villagers can be cured. Here is the answer for how to heal a zombie villager.

There are various varieties of villager zombies, such as infant zombies, armed zombies, and so on, and all of them can be cured using the same approach. To accomplish so, you will need two items: Splash Potion of Weakness and Golden Apple.

how to heal a zombie villager

How to heal a zombie villager in Minecraft


1. Make a Splash Potion

Go to the brewing stand, get a potion of weakness, and mix in some gunpowder. Splash potion of weakness is ready to use after a few seconds. Save the Splash potion of weakness and proceed with the following procedures.

Splash Potion

2. Make a Golden Apple

To make a golden apple, you must first obtain an apple, which must be obtained by cutting down a tree (not the real one, but the one in the game) for how to heal a zombie villager. Now, round the apple with 8 ingots. The issue of what ingots are and how to manufacture them must have crossed your mind. To manufacture ingots, proceed to the next step.

Golden Apple Minecraft

3. Make a Gold Ingots

To begin making gold ingots, you must first get an iron pickaxe for mining. To construct an iron pickaxe, you must first go to crafting. Once the iron pickaxe is ready, you can begin mining.

There will be 32 gold ore spawning beneath the ground level, with the ratio given below to how to heal a zombie villager. Once you have the gold ingots and an apple, simply set them in the crafting table and the golden apple will be ready.

how to heal a zombie villager

4. Find a Zombie Villager

To cure a zombie villager, you must first locate one. Make a fence around the zombie villager as soon as you find it so it can’t escape. This is the situation in which you save a person from death and he serves you as if he has never served anyone else.

To how to heal a zombie villager, Throw the weakness potion on the zombie and confirm that it has an effect on it by seeing the grey particles that come out of it.

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5. Use Golden Apple

Right-click on the zombie with the golden apple in your hand and feed it as soon as you see the grey particles flowing out. In no time, the zombie will begin to shake and crimson particles will emerge from it. In fiction, it is the demon soul of a zombie. And now you feed it, thus you are its God.

how to heal a zombie villager

6. Success

After a few minutes, the zombie villager will be cured, and you will be able to give him the profession you desire thus answers how to heal a zombie villager.

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