Monster Hunter Stories 2: Egg Guide

Monater Hunter Stories egg guide

Monster Hunter Stories Egg Guide: Wings of Ruin is the newest entry in the spin-off series, and it was released on the Nintendo Switch after its predecessor on the Nintendo 3DS. While the game is still relatively young, it has a high possibility of dominating Nintendo Switch new game releases in July 2021.

The Monster Eggs feature from Monster Hunter Stories is making a reappearance in Monster Hunter Stories 2. These are also known as “Monstie Eggs,” because they allow gamers to recruit additional powerful monsters to their squad to help them fight or navigate the global map. The article will show Monster Hunter Stories Egg lists, where to find & how to hatch.

Monster Hunter Stories egg guide

Monster Hunter Stories Egg Guide

Where to find Egg

Nests, which can be found in Monster Dens, may be used to obtain additional monster eggs. You’ll only be able to retrieve one egg from each nest, but you’ll have several chances to swap it out for a better one. Before the nest empties, you can only switch an egg a certain amount of times. After you’ve gotten the first egg, most story-related nests will be empty. An egg symbol is used to identify nests on the map.

Some nests will be guarded by a monster, while others will be vacant or have a sleeping monster within. Regardless of how the nest appears when you arrive, continuing to change out Monster Hunter Stories Egg Guide and spending more time there increases the likelihood of a monster assault, either by awakening or arriving. You won’t be able to wake sleeping monsters any other way, so don’t worry about colliding with them or having to sneak about.

To correctly get the egg, you must bring it out of the nest, after which a pop-up box will show asking whether you wish to leave the den. You may either leave the den right away or stay (and the egg will be placed in your Egg Carton) and continue exploring the den.

At any given time, your Egg Carton may hold up to 12 eggs. You may examine your current eggs and their details, such as where you obtained them, their egg kind, and your Navirou evaluation, by going to your Egg Carton from the Camp menu. Even if you have visited the stable and seen your eggs in there, if you choose to reject eggs from your menu at any point, they will return to your Monster Hunter Stories Egg Guide Carton if left unhatched.

Monster Hunter stories egg lists

How to Hatch Egg

You may hatch your eggs by visiting the stables, which are highlighted on your map with a small egg emblem. There is one in each hamlet inside the game. When there is an egg you can hatch, the felyne outside the stables will have a yellow speech bubble above its head. When the egg is hatched, you’ll see more stat enhancements show on the screen, and it’ll probably have superior genes as well.

Your monstie will be placed in the stable by default after it has hatched, so remember to move it into your party if you want to use it straight away. By purchasing stable improvements using Bottle Caps from the Melynx Inc. NPC, you may extend the size of your stable and increase the number of monsties you can maintain at any given moment.

You may always manage your monstie party, conduct the Rite of Channeling, and send out an Expedition Party once you have unlocked those functions at the stables, in addition to hatching eggs. Below is the Monster Hunter Stories Egg lists.

Wings of Ruin

Monster Hunter Stories Egg Lists

Each of the different creatures has a distinct egg type, and each of the different beasts has a different design for its eggs. The following is a thorough explanation of some of the known egg patterns from the Monster Hunter Stories Egg Guide, as well as the beast from which they originate:

The Kulu-Ya-Ku, a member of the Bird Wyvern Family, lays a white egg with orange markings.

The Pukei-Pukei, a member of the Bird Wyvern Family, lays a green egg with white dots.

The Velocidrome, a member of the Bird Wyvern Family, lays a blue egg with orange markings.

The Yian Kut-Ku, a member of the Bird Wyvern Family, lays a purple egg with blue markings.

The Bulldrome, a member of the Fanged Beast Family, lays a brown egg with a lighter brown spiky pattern for spots.

The Aptonoth is a Herbivore that lays a green egg with black oval markings on it.


Unfortunately, when taking eggs out of the Monster Den, players may only hold one egg at a time. The Egg Carton item, on the other hand, allows gamers to carry several eggs and see their carton from the Camp Menu. Finally, fans must return them to the stables in order to hatch them.

Use this Monster Hunter Stories Egg Guide to find & hatch Egg, Until then happy gaming.

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