Rocket League Best Cars You should Try Out

Rocket League Best Cars: Rocket League is a popular favorite worldwide, with one of the highest rankings across all platforms. Fans who have already played the game are aware that there are a plethora of automobiles to peruse and collect, and some are unsure where to begin or what to seek. This handy list of the best-ranked cars in the game is here to help.


Rocket League Best Cars

10. Marauder

Marauder Rocket League

Due to the car’s enormous cube-shaped hitbox and inherent bulkiness, Marauder is one of Rocket League’s most underestimated vehicles. It’s a good choice for anyone wishing to play a more defensive game makes entry in Rocket League Best Cars.

Marauder is a fantastic utility vehicle that specializes in defending the goal and saving the game. Because of its shape and size, the Marauder is visually and gameplay-wise similar to both the Merc and the Fennec. Overall, the Marauder is an excellent pick if you want to assist your team by performing defensive tasks or playing goaltender.


9. Twin Mill III

Rocket League Best Cars

This is not a popular pick for many people due to its ridiculous Hot Wheels look. However, this car can be helpful in any battle. The length and width of the automobile are ideal for deflecting hits from the sidelines or passes for those who choose a defensive role throughout the game.

The Twin Mill III’s flat, comprehensive, and short “nose” is ideal for more aggressive players’ ball control and straight-on strokes. Players must adjust to the car’s feel and style, although that can be said of any other vehicle in the game. This could be a favorite for those who don’t mind or are fans of the Hot Wheels design makes the car Rocket League Best Cars.


8. Merc

Merc Car

Given that they both fill the same job in the game, it’s a bit of a stretch to put the Merc ahead of the Marauder, but if you’re looking for a defensive powerhouse, in the Rocket League Best Cars there’s no better choice than the good ol’ Merc.

While the Merc lacks speed due to its enormous size, it compensates by putting a massive body in front of your objective and blasting through opponents like no other car in the game. Merc remains a fantastic choice for anyone wishing to play a slower playstyle with a massive, hard-hitting vehicle, even though his hitbox has been nerfed in the past.


7. Breakout

Rocket League Best Cars

Along with Octane and Merc, the Breakout is one of Rocket League’s three default cars. Although it isn’t as well-known as the Octane, many people consider it a close second. It’s an excellent pick for newcomers to the game.

Breakout excels at leading and passing the ball, and its flat top enables a wide range of dazzling actions. The vehicle’s sole major flaw is its clumsiness in the air, but if a player gets used to the strange handling, it can hold its own in mid-flight makes Rocket League Best Cars.


6. Takumi


Takumi is Rocket League’s elite car when it comes to dribbling. He is the Rocket League counterpart of Neymar. Takumi has a decisive turn, making it a dribbling machine on the pitch, and if you play the vehicle, you’ll be able to produce some fantastic 1v2, and 1v3 outplays for a Rocket League Best Cars.

The automobile seems exceptionally smooth and easy to maneuver compared to your opponents, resulting in excellent ball control. However, the car has the tiniest hitbox in the game and can be a defensive liability at times. If you can get past that, however, you’ll have a blast making your opponents seem like clowns while dribbling past them and scoring the game’s winning goal.


5. Batmobile


In Rocket League Best Cars, the Batmobile is the chef’s kiss of automobiles. The design is flawless, giving off the ultimate Dark Knight vibes. In higher levels, players will see a lot of Batmobiles, which is a popular pick for various reasons.

It’s the game’s longest car has Rocket League cars design, with an angular shape that lets players make pinpoint shots like a pro. The Batmobile’s large and flat profile allows it to perform admirably in the air. Honorable mentions go to the Artemis, Centro, and Sentinel, which are similar to this beast.


4. Mantis

Rocket League best Cars

The design of the Mantis is fantastic. Its length is ideal for players to defend the ball for extended periods, yet it isn’t excessively lengthy, allowing for excellent handling. It features the best boosting and turning in the game, and its mid-air handling is exceptional because of its slim design.

The Mantis is ideal for more defensive gameplay in Rocket League Best Cars because of its mid-air performance, ease of handling, and design. It’s also a lot of fun to drive, and anybody who has tried it falls in love with it right away.


3. Domius



This is the most popular car in Rocket League Best Cars list, that is seen in high numbers after the Octane. It’s straightforward to control, performs admirably in mid-air, and handles corners flawlessly. It’s the best of all worlds, functioning admirably on the ground as well as in the air.

Dominus, on the other hand, appears to be faultless. The Dominus’ elongated front, combined with the small features and colors, evokes classic muscle car vibes and makes any player feel like a millionaire. Players remain faithful to this gem since it is a tremendous asset throughout the game, perfect for attack and defense.


2. Fennec

Rocket League Best Cars

The Fennec, which has received a lot of attention and has grown in popularity in recent months, is ranked second. The first of these traits is its hitbox, which the gamers adore and propels it to the top of our Rocket League Best Cars list.

The way you hit the ball is pretty predictable according to the car’s simple cube design, and you have complete control over the shots you take, thanks to the Fennec’s rough corners. Furthermore, the Fennec’s hitbox is identical to that of Octane, the most popular car in the game’s history, making it simple to transition if you’re a veteran.


1. Octane


The Octane is the most popular car among almost all players, which is surprising given that it is one of the game’s default vehicles. Amateurs and pros alike adore this car, and many of them stick with it for the duration of their Rocket League careers. The Octane is the most popular option because it is practically faultless. It has a beautiful design, handles like a dream, and fits snugly into every sharp corner.

The Octane’s design is thoroughly thought out, allowing the automobile to seamlessly maneuver with the ball on the ground and in the air. Even though most players enjoy switching vehicles and experimenting with new ones, most of them return to where they started. It’s one of those rare occasions when a car is both a jack and a king.

Thus concludes Rocket League Best Cars list.

When it comes to choosing your Rocket League car, there are no right or wrong answers because it all depends on your playstyle and preferences. Apart from the ten cars we listed, many more offer a variety of cosmetic and mechanical attributes. In the end, it’s all about finding an automobile that makes you feel genuinely at ease, so don’t be scared to try something new.

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