Where to find Jack Sparrow’s Compass in Sea of Thieves

Sea of Thieves Jack Sparrow's Compass

Sea of Thieves Jack Sparrow’s Compass: In a new crossover event, Captain Jack Sparrow and his beloved Black Pearl have joined the realm of Sea of Thieves. This crossover puts Sea of Thieves on a collision course with the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. This update contains two Tall Tales, the second of which being the Sunken Pearl Tall Tale.

As part of the expansion, you’ll play The Sunken Pearl, which is the second Tall Tale you’ll encounter. You must locate Sea of ThievesĀ  Sparrow’s Compass somewhere within the Sunken Kingdom to complete this mission. You’ll have to navigate your way to the Black Pearl while solving a riddle and learning how to breathe underwater.

Javk Sparrow Compass

Sea of Thieves Jack Sparrow’s Compass

The mission is located in the southwest corner of the map. It will be located to the north of Shark Bait Cove and to the southwest of Old Salt’s Atoll. There is also a large blue beacon of light that you may follow.

Once you’ve arrived at the location, dive under the water to follow the debris path. You may collect air bubbles from the debris along the way to keep your breathing going. You should be able to discover the Black Pearl if you continue along this route.

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You’ll need to get to the lower decks once you’ve found the ship for Sea of Thieves Jack Sparrow’s Compass. The main entrance will be closed, but there will be another entry from the ship’s bow, or the front end for non-nautical kinds. You’ll discover air bubbles near the grate while you’re there.

As you make your way through the ship, be sure to move the debris as you go. After a while, you’ll see a weird luminous monster that isn’t hostile. You can take the Black Pearl Key from the monster if you approach it.

Following that, exit the ship and make your way to the captain’s stateroom. It will now be able to be unlocked with the key you picked up. The Sea of Thieves Jack Sparrow’s Compass may be found on the room’s table. You must pick it up, but the Sunken Pearl mission will not be completed.

Sea of Thieves Jack Sparrow's Compass

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