Skyrim Cure for Vampirism

SKyrim cure for Vampirism

Skyrim Cure for Vampirism: Skyrim gives players a plethora of options for personalising their character. Even if you don’t use the character builder, the Dragonborn’s appearance and skills can be changed in various ways. Taking up a transformational sickness like Lycanthropy or Vampirism is one approach to reshape a character entirely. In addition, players can eventually become a Vampire Lord in the Skyrim expansion Dawnguard, which has its skill tree.

While being a Vampire has its advantages, entirely changing one’s playstyle to avoid daytime is a bit of a hassle. When NPCs escape from the player on sight in later stages, it can be aggravating. Fortunately, Skyrim makes the process of overcoming vampirism relatively simple.

While being infected with this sickness in Skyrim may cause some players to seek out information on Skyrim Cure for Vampirism, the curse has certain advantages. The effects of these spells and abilities can’t be found anywhere else in the game. While not moving around as freely in sunlight is a significant disadvantage, it’s not as challenging to manage as some players believe. Before resigning to discovering the Skyrim vampirism cure, take some time to see if vampirism works for you.


Skyrim Cure for Vampirism

Head to the nearest Inn

Head to the nearest Inn after the player has had enough of the Vampire curse. In Skyrim, innkeepers are a fantastic source of information; they generally have a rumour or two for the player to investigate.

The Innkeeper will comment on the Dragonborn’s looks and send them on the Rising at Dawn quest if they are afflicted with Vampirism for the Skyrim Cure for Vampirism.

When the curse gets severe, and there are no Inns nearby, the player can also speak with a member of the Dawnguard. With high levels of Vampirism, getting inside an Inn can be difficult, making it all the more important to learn how to Cure Vampirism in Skyrim, as residents will flee at the player’s sight.

Members of the Dawnguard, on the other hand, are made of more brutal stuff. In either case, the Innkeeper or Dawnguard member will tell the player to go to the Morthal mage Falion.

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Find Falion and Complete it’s Ritual

Falion is a Redguard Mage who specialises in Skyrim Cure for Vampirism. He was the head of Conjuration at the College of Winterhold before being forced to leave due to an unexplained occurrence.

He is now in Morthal, assisting players on the Rising at Dawn quest in curing their Vampirism. Falion is situated on the river’s east bank, close to the water.

He’ll tell you to fill one Black Soul Gem and then come back to him. Grand Souls of most huge, sentient creatures, such as the playable races, can fill Black Soul Gems. If filling a Black Soul Gem takes too much time, Falion sells the item for a reasonable price.

Falion guides the player to the Summoning Stones, located on a river delta north of Morthal. To Skyrim Cure for Vampirism, the player will not need to donate anything more to Falion. Stand in the Summoning Stones and let him do his job, and Will lifts your Vampire curse.

This can also be done multiple times if the Dragonborn ever gets the temptation to return to his Vampiric ways. The cost will be the same every time — one filled Black Soul Gem — and the player will have to track down Falion and follow him to the Summoning Stones.

There are no negative consequences to applying the Skyrim vampire cure more than once, albeit it is inconvenient to repeat the process.

skyrim cure for Vampirism

Show Race Menu Command

If the player does not want to use the game-accurate methods of healing the Vampiric curse, console commands can be used instead. The “showracemenu” command is the simplest and least intrusive method for Skyrim Cure for Vampirism.

In-game, press the key on the keyboard to start a console command. This will pause the game and display a command line in the bottom left corner of the screen, along with a blinking indicator indicating that the game is ready to take commands.

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Warewolf Option

Vampirism and Lycanthropy, also known as becoming a Werewolf, are the two primary transforming diseases that the player might contract in Skyrim. The Dragonborn’s Vampirism will be cured quickly by becoming a Werewolf, but being a Werewolf has downsides like being a Vampire. Speak with Aela the Huntress of the Companions to choose this Skyrim vampirism treatment.

The Werewolf skill tree, sickness immunity, and a shape-shifted form with significantly more powerful attacks and movement benefit from being a werewolf. Sleeping benefits, on the other hand, will never be used.

Some doorways are too big for werewolves, and gear un-equips automatically as the player shape-shifts. Feeding on werewolf hearts and humanoids is the only way to obtain perks. On the plus side, being a Werewolf permits the Dragonborn to go out during the day, which Vampires do not have.

FOllow the above steps to find Skyrim Cure for Vampirism. Until then happy gaming.

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